Keeps your equipment running for hours when the power goes out. APC's Bl850SINE Home-UPS is a convenient way to keep your lights, fans and sensitive electronics running during power cuts. Eliminate the inconvenience that a loss ofimains power brings, and continue your daily routine without dismption. Designed specitically for India’s harsh power conditions, the BI850SINE’s state-of-the-art circuitry delivers backup power instantly, and it also recharges your battery faster, so you get the longest possible battery life. For a complete system, connect the Home-UPS to an APC battery and trolley (both sold separately) and enjoy the security of uninterrupted power for your home or business.

High Quality Sine Wave Output - eliminates humming and heat generated when powering tubelights and fans.
LED Indicators - provide easy to read status of your power conditions, Home-UPS and battery.
Home/Away Switch - keeps your battery charged when you're away, and prevents needless discharges.
Intelligent Battery Charging - Microprocessor controlled, 3-stage regulated charging ensures the fastest recharge times without decreasing battery life.
Wide Input Voltage Window - saves your battery power for when you really need it- during power cuts!
UPS / INVERTER Switch - lets you power computer systems as well as lights, fans and televisions.
Charger Output Selector - matches the battery charger output to your specific battery, ensuring the longest possible battery life by preventing under and over-charging.
Battery input Fuses - protect against installation mishaps.
Advanced Safety Features — safeguard your Home·UPS and battery.
Push Button Circuit Breaker - provides easy recovery from an overload while on mains power.
Generator Compatibility - allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power.